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Chemo Wigs for Cancer Patients Are Not Fashion Wigs

Dealing with cancer is an unfortunate reality in modern society, and one of the dreaded and upsetting complications of treating this disease is hair loss. Modern Hair Techniques is in the business of empowering those struggling with cancer and coping with hair loss. We offer high-quality chemo wigs to help restore your dignity and style because we understand that looking good can help you feel good.

The Difference Between Cancer Wigs and Fashion Wigs

If you have just been diagnosed, taking control of the situation will help prepare you emotionally. You may not always lose your hair immediately once you start chemotherapy, and cutting it short and experimenting with different styles can help prepare you for wearing a chemo wig. Here’s how wigs for chemo patients are different from fashion wigs:

  • The primary purpose of fashion wigs is to change your look or style. They can be comfortable and high quality, but they are often not made to the same standard as chemo wigs. Your scalp may be very tender after losing hair due to chemotherapy, and it may be too delicate to handle the feeling of a regular fashion wig. Therefore, wigs for cancer patients include a soft, breathable lining that won’t irritate a painful scalp.
  • Chemo wigs are fitted directly to your head and customised for the perfect fit. They provide an invisible hairline that closely replicates a natural head of hair. You can comb and style your hair confidently when wearing a unique chemo wig, knowing it looks lush and full. Our wigs for cancer patients are also comfortable to put on and remove.

We offer many custom synthetic and human hair wigs in various colours, lengths, and styles for men, women, and children. We are one of only two studios in Australia offering cyber hair wigs. The right cancer wig can restore your self-confidence and positively impact your daily life.

Caring for Your Cancer Wig

Caring for your cancer wig is probably not the first thing on your priority list, but regular maintenance will help it retain its best appearance. Our qualified technicians have years of wig maintenance experience, and we can service your hair and wig in a private room while you wait. We can also show you how to care for your chemo wig at home with maintenance such as:

  • Synthetic wigs: Wash and rinse your synthetic wig every three to four weeks using cold or lukewarm water and a few drops of wig shampoo. Be gentle with the synthetic hair and avoid rubbing, brushing, and rough drying when wet to prevent breakage and frizz. Air-dry your synthetic chemo wig and only style it once it is completely dry. Placing a wet wig over a head-size stand can stretch it - drape it over a cylindrical can to dry instead.
  • Human hair: You can wash, dry, and style human hair wigs the same way as synthetic wigs. The only difference in maintaining a human hair wig is that you don’t need to worry about using heat on the hair as there is no risk of melting or shrinkage. You can wash it in warm water and use heat styling tools once it is dry.

Find High-Quality Cancer Wigs in Perth

Modern Techniques Hair Studio supplies high-quality wigs for cancer patients in Perth. If you have been diagnosed with cancer or another autoimmune disease and face the possibility of losing your hair, call us today. We can help you find a wig that will complete your look and fit properly because your hair should be your least concern. Email us to find out more.

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