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Discover High-Quality Hair Wigs in Perth

There are many reasons behind buying high-quality hair wigs in Perth.

They are often used to beautify, for confidence during or after hair loss, for special events, and for variety - when we want to try a different style without making permanent changes.

No matter the reason, good wigs are convenient and offer exciting, pre-styled options, helping to achieve the look you want and boosting self-confidence.

Hair is a crucial part of your identity; when your hair looks good, you feel confident, and it shows.

Discover High-Quality Wigs

Today's quality wigs and pieces offer numerous hair types, lengths, and modern styles and colours. Unlike the wigs of the past, today's products are highly realistic, often comprised of beautiful human hair, and hard to differentiate from your own crowning glory.

Choosing a wig is a big decision. However, finding one to best suit your need can be confusing with various types of wigs and hair pieces available, including lace fronts, full wigs, toppers, other clip-ins, and extensions – synthetic or made from human hair.

Instead, rely on professional wig providers, such as Modern Techniques Hair Studio, for knowledgeable and insightful advice and guidance. People often visit our studio to try on good-quality wigs in different styles, and we are happy to help select a perfect piece for you.

For example, which is best for you – human or synthetic hair?

Human-Hair Versus Synthetic Wigs in Perth

With wigs serving different purposes, your reason for buying a wig will help determine whether you choose synthetic or human hair, as they have different strengths.

In addition, your intended activities will also influence your decision. For example, those undergoing chemotherapy need special chemo wigs engineered for tender heads.

The truth is that each has advantages and disadvantages, and which one is best for you depends on several factors.

So, which is best for you?

  • Human-Hair Wigs:

    Some of the best high-quality wigs are made from human hair, with many customers agreeing that human hair looks and feels the most natural. So, where quality is the only factor, human hair wins.

    Human hair wigs are shiny and soft, with volume and bounce, and are versatile - the hair can be cut and styled to your preferences. These wigs offer long-lasting durability and value for money.

    The origin of the hair can impact outcomes. For example, many human-hair wigs are made from Asian hair - extremely straight and more resistant to curling, another favourite is Indian hair because it offers texture and longevity. European hair tends to be finer and easier to style and maintain.

    Purchasing your wig from a supplier who uses only high-quality, gentle processes ensures good quality hair is guaranteed. The processing can affect the quality and strength of the finished wig, with the chemicals used to sanitise, remove colour, and create new curl patterns potentially damaging the hair. Modern Techniques source their wigs and all hair additions from reputable, tried and tested suppliers.

  • Hair Wigs:

    With technology continuously evolving, synthetic hair wig quality has come a long way. However, today's synthetic wigs are difficult to tell apart from human hair; their texture and denier feel almost the same, and most people would not be able to tell the difference.

    Among the advantages of synthetic hair is that it is ready to wear immediately with little to no styling effort and holds curls very well, even in rainy weather. Synthetic hair also tends to be slightly more affordable than human hair.

    However, synthetic hair is not as versatile; it's not as easy to style, and although it lasts and looks pristine for many months, it's not as durable as human hair. Nevertheless, you can prolong the life of your synthetic wig by following care instructions properly.

If you're still unsure which is best for you, a consultation with a wig professional can help point you in the right direction.

Meanwhile, here are some valuable tips to help you make up your mind.

Shopping for Toppings: How to Choose Wigs and Toppers

Start by deciding what length or lengths suit you best. Think about your lifestyle, where and when you'll wear your wig, and what kind of look interests you.

Next, consider what colour or colours you prefer. Remember, this doesn't need to be your birth colour – a wig is your opportunity to try different shades.

For additional variety, you may also want to consider different hair textures, for example, straighter or curlier hair than usual.

At the same time, because you can switch wigs every day, week, or event, why not choose several wigs? Having options is always exciting.

You can also count on insight and guidance from Modern Techniques Hair Studio's experienced and caring technicians.

Choose Modern Techniques Hair Studio for Synthetic or Real Hair Wigs in Perth

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality natural hair and synthetic wigs and toppers, a range of extensions, men's hair pieces or wigs, inlays, and more.

Our synthetic and human hair wigs selection includes pieces from reputable brands such as Jon Renau, Wig gallery, Gabor, and Raquel Welch Wigs. We are also always happy to order a custom wig for men or women.

In addition, our services include wig maintenance, repairs, and washing and styling.

So, get started on your path to looking and feeling your best every day. Contact Modern Techniques Hair Studio for more information or your free consultation.

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