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High Quality Wigs: What’s on Your Head?

There are many reasons people may decide to buy high quality wigs. They are often used to beautify and for variety and traded out daily or weekly. Many times, women just want to change their style without making permanent changes to their hair. Good wigs are convenient and offer exciting options since they are often pre-styled. Sometimes a quality wig is just the thing for that elegant event or gala. People also use wigs to cover baldness and thinning hair which may be a result of genetics. Sometimes people are diagnosed with autoimmune diseases, and they will most likely lose their hair during treatment. Under any of these conditions, high quality wigs can make a huge difference people’s image and self-confidence. When people feel good, it shows.

Shopping for Toppings: Quality Wigs

Hair is a vital part of your identity and today’s quality wigs are not the wigs of yesteryear. There are lace-front-, human hair-, or synthetic wigs. Choosing a wig is a big decision, and it can be confusing trying to find the one that best suits your needs. People often come in to the studio to try on good quality wigs and see themselves in different styles. If you need a good wig or are considering multiple high-quality wigs, the first place to start is to decide what length fits you best. Some women look good in various lengths and may choose to have several wigs of differing lengths. Then consider what colours you want them to be. Perhaps you are suited to multiple shades, which makes the options even more exciting. Once you have determined these factors, it will be easier to shop.

Once you start shopping, you may need the guidance of one of our experienced and caring technicians. It is important to remember that different wigs serve different purposes. The reason you are shopping for a wig will probably help determine whether you choose synthetic or human hair, as they have different strengths. The activities you intend to engage in will also influence your decision. For instance, cancer patients typically need special chemo wigs engineered for tender heads.

Good Wigs, Good Ways

Some of the best high-quality wigs are made from human hair. Modern Techniques Hair Studio also offers a 10 % discount on selected wigs for cancer patients. We are always happy to custom order good wigs for men or women, and we provide a range of synthetic or human hair wigs from the best brands such as Jon Renau, Wig gallery, Gabor, and Raquel Welch Wigs.

Our highly-trained technicians have years of experience caring for all types of quality wigs. We can perform wig maintenance, repairs, wash, and style them all while you wait. We offer individual rooms for your privacy so that you can discuss your issues freely with our compassionate staff. If you need a quality wig, give us a call today. We understand how traumatic it can be to lose your hair and have been helping people cope with hair loss for more than two decades.

Synthetic vs Real Human Hair Wigs and Where to Buy Both in Perth

If you need a wig, you may be trying to decide whether real human or synthetic is the right choice for you. The truth is that they both have their advantages, and which one is best for you depends on several factors. In fact, many people find that having both available to use at different times is the best option overall. Here is some information about both hair wigs in Perth to help you make up your mind.

Human Hair Wigs in Perth

Many customers feel that human hair looks and feels the most natural. Human hair wigs are incredibly shiny and soft with plenty of volume and bounce. This hair offers unmatched versatility and can be cut and styled any way you want. It is also durable and long-lasting. One factor to consider when choosing a human hair wig is the origin of the hair. Many wigs are made of Asian hair, which is extremely straight and more resistant to curling. Indian hair has a bit more texture than European hair; European hair is in the highest demand because of its fine denier and ease of styling and care. A consultation with a wig professional can clue you in as to which is the right choice for you.

Besides the origin of the hair, other factors to consider include processing, which affects the quality and strength of the finished wig. Some chemicals used to sanitise, remove colour, and create new curl patterns can cause damage to the hair, so you’ll want to make sure to purchase your wig from a supplier who uses only high-quality, gentle processes and who is devoted to delivering high-quality products. In cases where quality is the only factor, human hair wins out as the best choice, hands down.

Synthetic Hair Wigs

Technology is continuously evolving, so it should come as no surprise that synthetic hair wigs have come a long way. Today's synthetic wigs are difficult to tell apart from human hair; their texture and denier feel almost just like human hair, and most people would not be able to tell the difference without human hair right next to the synthetic product for the sake of direct comparison. One thing people like about synthetic hair is that it is ready to wear immediately with little to no styling effort. It holds curls very well, even in rainy weather.

However, synthetic hair is not as versatile as human hair; it’s not as easy to style different ways. It's also not as durable as human hair, although it still lasts and looks great for many months. You can prolong the life of your synthetic wig by following care instructions properly. Synthetic hair also tends to be slightly more affordable than human hair.

Where to Buy Synthetic or Real Hair Wigs in Perth

Whether you're looking for synthetic or human wigs in Perth, we can help. We offer real and synthetic wigs along with a range of extensions, hair pieces for men, inlays, and more. We pride ourselves on delivering the best quality possible. Contact Modern Techniques Hair Studio for a free consultation and get started on your path to looking and feeling your best every day.

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