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Wig Care and Maintenance and Where to Shop for Wigs: Wig Stores in Perth WA

People wear wigs for many different reasons. Wigs certainly aren’t the taboo items they once were; they offer a host of benefits for people with different hair loss needs or who just want to try out some different looks. When you invest in a wig, you want to make sure to keep it looking its best for as long as possible. Wigs aren’t hard to care for, but it is essential to care for them properly so that they last a long time and continue looking great.

Learn the differences between caring for synthetic and human hair wigs

Care and maintenance are slightly different for synthetic and human hair wigs. For example, synthetic wigs are more prone to tangling and can melt with heat styling unless they are made of heat-resistant synthetic hair. Learn about the wig you’re buying and be sure you know how to care for it correctly for the best results.

Invest in the right products…

When you shop for wigs in Perth, you should also buy the correct shampoo and conditioner for your particular wig. These products are specially designed to be gentle and effective for wig hair, which can be more delicate than natural hair. Regular hair products can be too harsh and damage the texture of your wig or tangle it badly. So, be sure to invest in the right products, and wash and detangle your wig gently, allowing it to dry completely. A wig brush can help with any tangles.

…and avoid the wrong products

Avoid using unnecessary products such as hair spray or shine spray. Adding too much product to wig hair can cause build-up that will leave your wig greasy or otherwise unmanageable. Whether your wig is synthetic or made from human hair, it’s best to avoid these types of styling products.

Limit heat

Just as with your natural hair, heat can damage your wig hair. Some synthetic wig hair can melt with exposure to heat styling tools. If you need help styling your wig the way you want it, consult a stylist for advice. One simple way to produce curls in a straight wig is to use curlers rather than a curling iron. There are often ways to achieve the style you want without heat, and this is a better option for your wig.

Remove your wig when sleeping or showering

You have to wash your wig, of course, but try to keep it dry as much as possible other than that. When you shower, swim, get caught in heavy rain, or go to sleep, remove your wig to protect it from becoming too wet or tangled. You can also pay us a visit and take care of your natural hair in one of our private rooms while a trained technician cares for your wig.

Find Wigs in Perth WA at Modern Techniques Hair Studio

If you’re looking for a great wig shop in Perth WA, Modern Techniques Hair Studio is here for you. We offer synthetic and human hair wigs, extensions, hair pieces, and inlays to suit a variety of needs. We are also one of only two wig stores in Australia to offer cyber hair, an amazing alternative to traditional wig options. If you’re choosing between wig stores in Perth, rest assured that Modern Techniques Hair Studio delivers exceptional products and excellent customer service. Contact us today for a private consultation.

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